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Pillow Tops

Soft Padded Layers of Luxury

Cool Comfort Gel

An innovative pillow top engineered to keep you cool. Combining stresszero ® memory foam with cool gel technology for an extra refreshing sensation, it provides essential anatomic support topped with a fresh, ventilated, cloud-like surface. Pillow top thickness: 2.5 cm.


Top your mattress with a matching Plush mattress pad for additional layers of softness. Made with high-resilient and high-density foam. Pillow top thickness: 5 cm.

Silver Plush

A Plush mattress pad covered with a special silver fabric: Argentum. A natural antibacterial agent, silver protects the mattress and ensures a healthier sleeping environment, while completely respecting the skin’s natural balance. With silicone technology for a long-lasting pleasant touch. Pillow top thickness: 5 cm.

Visco Plush

The Visco Plush pad is carefully designed to eliminate sores while loosening pressure points. Made of Bed&Bed’s very own high-density visco-elastic stresszero® memory foam, it comes in a luxurious machine-washable velour cover. Pillow top thickness: 5 cm.