novelty ®

The all-new generation of mattresses!

Bed&Bed Novelty® foam mattresses, made of thousands of tiny foam particles, conform to your body, reduce pressure points, and provide premium movement equilibrium for total relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Since novelty rhymes with varieties, our Novelty® line offers you a very rich palette of feelings. And now imagine gentle waves of massage soothing away the stress of a long day.

Yes, our Novelty® line is a ground-breaking series enabling you to get your personal massage! All Novelty® mattresses can hold the Body Flex system.

Ready to select your own Novelty® mattress?

  1. Firm medium
  2. Firm
  3. Resilient
  4. Resilient firm
  5. High resilient
  6. High resilient firm
  7. Memory flex (stresszero®)