As technology permeates every aspect of our day−to−day life, why not let it be of service in our sleep ? Our 4 Stars mattress line is the epitome of smart design. Combining zone pocketed inner technology with our well−established EdgeFirm® technology, this line is here to help you transcend regular sleep and reach new levels of wellbeing. Created around the body’s five zones, our line acts like your dedicated masseuse, eliminating pressure points, relaxing your muscles, and keeping your spine in its natural healthy alignment.

The 4 Stars Line takes advantage of our EdgeFirm® technology to provide an everlasting firm mattress border. Moving in and out of the mattress has never been this effortless. To top it all off, this line also incorporates high resilient cushioning material, along with superior top EU−origin cotton layers. Some things are just perfect.

The pocketed body support system distri­butes anatomical weight into small localized pieces on each area individually.

To provide you with healthy accaria−free sleep, our mattresses consist of high−quality, high−density cushioning material assembled with our EdgeFirm® robust mattress framing technology, and wrapped in healthy thick treated cotton damask.

Highly structured thick wire gage spring surrounded by high−density firm cushioning material assembled with our EdgeFirm® robust mattress framing technology. Healthy, thick, and anti−accarian cotton based textile wrapping.

This mattress is hard and tough. Highly appreciated by the inflexible surface aficionados.

5−Zone body support system delivering customized support to each section of your body’s anatomy. Sophisticated high−resilient fire−retardant cushioning material all assembled within our EdgeFirm® Robust mattress framing technology and wrapped in silky 100% viscose textile.

This mattress delivers a technically advanced sleep system as well as healthy and accarian−free sleep.