Electrical Beds

Electrical Beds Designer Platforms

Create your perfect bedroom retreat with Bed&Bed adjustable base. The comfort of your bed using a wired remote control to adjust the bed posture, raise the head and foot to create the perfect environment for reading a book, watching TV, or relaxing after a long day. This base gives you the comfort and ease of an adjustable bed.

Body Flex Budget
The classical base frame comes with a three movement German made mechanism. This adjustable system delivers the ride comfort of the individual mattresses.

Body Flex Designer
The designer base frame comes with a four movement German made mechanism. Laminated Beech – wood frame with 28 sprung wooden slots assembled with highly flexible rubber joints. Perfect in combination of StressZero memory foam mattresses.

Body Flex Massage System
This modern massage system fulfills all individual requirements for activating massages and can be adjusted with any combination of intensity duration and circulation. A significant advantage is the LCD Display, which monitors every current massaging function.
The easy−to−use LCD Computer Massage system, Massage Meister, will be a major benefit to your well−being. Choose between a pulsating massage, a massage with changing intensity and a waving massage. You can also press on ‘neck’, ‘shoulder’, ‘back top’, ‘back bottom’, ‘legs’: focus on and manage the area of your choice or even press ‘heater’ to compliment the massage with a pleasant warm temperature.