supreme quality

To some, sleep is nothing but a basic human necessity, born from a natural drive to regenerate and take on a new day. To us at Bed & Bed, sleep is so much more.

It is the staple of our lives. Stress, back pain, headaches, depression, and so many more ills can be traced back to a lack of proper sleep and rest.

It is our belief that health begins in sleep, and we have made it our calling to make sure your moments of rest are
of the highest caliber.

We don’t just provide you with a bed to lie on; we guarantee precious moments of rest and rejuvenation.

So as you choose your future mattress you can rest assured that every single stitch was made with your health
in mind.

Founded in 1962, Bed & Bed has refined sleep into an art form. Using the latest technology, our Beirut factory with its sophisticated and ultra modern equipment is specialized in the “haut de gamme” products.